Posted by: rmckinno1 | September 8, 2013

A New Journey Begins

Looking back, I see it has been what? Two and a half years since my last post? All I can say is “Wow”. So much for being the blogger I was aspiring to be. But perhaps, like so many other things in my life, all that I have done has been for motives that were unclear? In a manner that was not exactly “correct”?

Regardless, I felt the Lord whisper to my heart to begin blogging again. And if it is for no other reason than to put my thoughts and journey down to read again for myself so be it. The journey I have been on has been a long, hard, dry and thirsty road. It has been full of pain, sorrow and suffering. And that such as I never have experienced before!

But at the same time, I see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. I see that all that I have been through is being slowly and methodically brought about for good by a loving and tender God. Perhaps He has taken my tears and struggles and is in the process of weaving a tapestry of magnificence. Or simply showing me how crazy life can be and not to take anything for granted.

Today I am just ranting and raving. The next time I post it may be something more coherent. Who knows? Who knows when that will be? Today, I am simply trying to be obedient to do what He has directed me to do if I have heard Him correctly.

Regardless: may a new journey begin.



  1. well, welcome back! maybe I should resume, too, haha!

  2. Well, first order of business should have been changing my profile picture. Now that is done as well!

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