Posted by: rmckinno1 | December 4, 2009

The Depravity Called “Me”

Interesting title, isn’t it? Kind of catchy? Kind of attention-getting?


There are two truths about me. The first truth is this:

I am a wretched man. I am weak, carnal, selfish, full of faults, very much un-lovable, a worm, undeserving of anything but the prize of hell itself. And the funny thing about it is that I am totally, one hundred percent unable to do anything at all about it.

Here is the second truth:

I am a blessed man. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I am strong, well able,  spiritual,  full of God’s ability – being made perfect by and in Him, loved beyond understanding, a son of the Most High and heir to the prize, benefits and rewards of heaven itself. And the funny thing is that I didn’t do a thing to ever deserve that.

What separates these two truths is one thing: the death, burial and resurrection of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The only thing “I” did was accept it. All I could do is “receive” what He did on my behalf.

I have tried for most all my christian walk to make changes in my life that were wrong – things that indicted me as being in sin. So much of frustration and sorrow has come from that.

But I have discovered a truth that has changed all that. I have discovered a provision from God, Himself that makes me free from the frustration, sorrow, failure and despair that has been right in front of me all along – memorized and quoted, “claimed”, proclaimed, preached . . . . and yet never fully understood until recently.

What is this truth?

I hope to blog on that very soon!


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