Posted by: rmckinno1 | May 12, 2009

What Does “Commitment” Mean?

I look at my life, and the lives of others around me who bear the name “Christian”, and wonder what it means to really be “committed”.

There’s an old saying that says “Commitment is like a ham and egg breakfast. The chicken was involved, but the pig was COMMITTED!”

Well, I have to ask myself the question: “Robert, are you truly committed to living a life of grace in a true relationship with God?”

Woe unto me, my friends. As I look at my life and my own personal walk with God, I must say that I am a willing participant in many of the goings-on of Christianity, but “committed”? I am shamefully lacking.

They say that the first step in changing for the better is to come to accept the reality that you need to change. Well I’ve accepted that reality, and it puts me in a dangerous position with God. For to know what the right thing to do is, and not to do it . . . .

James 4:17


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